Pocket Hound Covert Cell Phone Detector

Pocket Hound Covert Detector

Looks like a deck of cards in a shirt pocket, yet detects cell phone use (up to 75 feet indoors).


Wolfhound-PRO cell phone detector

Wolf Hound Pro Handheld

Find cell phone signals (within 150 feet), in standby or active transmission. Does not eavesdrop, so fully legal.


Sentry Hound Full Body Walk-Through

Detects cell phones ON or OFF as well as some weapons without invasive searches.


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WatchHound Cell Phone Detection Monitor

Watch Hound Scanning Monitor

Essentially eliminates unauthorized wireless network access within monitored areas.


Tortoise Multi-Band Transmitter

Tortoise Multi-Band Transmitter

Two dynamically controlled Class AB amplifiers for the cleanest signal output and VSWR protection.



Squid PRO M2M

For M2M site surveys and antenna alignment. Delivers real-time 3G and 4G RSSI signal strength.


“Hacked Again”

Order Hacked Again Written by Cybersecurity Expert, Scott Schober, CEO of BVS

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