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PocketHound: Government Security Fits in Your Pocket

BVS Demonstrates Covert Cell Phone Security for Government, Military and Private Sectors at Counter Terror Expo in D.C..

METUCHEN, NJ, May 16, 2012  --Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. (BVS), a leading provider of advanced wireless test solutions and security products to the domestic and international wireless telecommunications industry, has released PocketHound™ cell phone detector in an effort to stop illegal and unsecure cell phone use in government facilities, military installations and anywhere where a NO CELL PHONE policy is enforced.

PocketHound™ is a highly sensitive cell phone detector that is specifically tuned to the RF signature of all 2G/3G/4G cell phones (U.S. & international bands for PCS, CDMA/WCDMA, UMTS, GSM, EGSM). The receiver scans for any and all voice, texting and data transmissions and applies its unique auto-thresholding technology by comparing cellular measurements with the RF noise floor of that environment. This ensures that only genuine cell phone use (active or standby mode) will trigger the PocketHound™ with user selectable flashing LEDs and/or vibrating alerts. PocketHound™ detects all cellular RF activity within a 75 foot radius making it ideal for indoor use in areas where cellphone use is prohibited and illegal.

PocketHound’s simple alerts and single button operation make it simple to operate effectively by anyone and it’s size and weight are smaller than a pack of playing cards. It’s internal lithium polymer battery and USB charging system allows up to 2 hours of continuous runtime without any need for direct operation or recharging. This allows the PocketHound™ to be covertly used in order to detect and identify the source of prohibited cell phone use.

PocketHound™ was designed to target the recent proliferation of cell phone use in environments where data and information intergrity is critical.

“With the widespread use of smartphones everywhere, we’re seeing a growing market in need of policing cellphone use especially in government and state buildings, military complexes and even some private sectors where maintaining information security is paramount.” Says Scott Schober, BVS President & CEO.

Scott Schober will be presenting Covert Cell Phone Detection / Location at the Innovation Showcase Theater on Wednesday, May 16th from 2:30pm - 2:50pm. The presentation will include topics such as smart phones being used for cyber terror, corporate espionage and securing government facilities.

BVS Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Carmine Caferra, will be demonstrating the PocketHound along with many other wireless security and measurement products in BOOTH 520 at the at the U.S. Counter Terror Expo in Washington, DC. From April16-17.

PocketHound is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and available now directly from at an introductory price of $499.

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