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Some Deterrents Are Better Than Others

controlling contraband cell phone epaper by scott schober

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Controlling Contraband Cell Phones

controlling contraband cell phone epaper by scott schober

You'll learn:

· 5 most common ways cell phones enter facilities

· 4 “Believe it or Not” true stories of smuggling

· Comparison of 3 common detection methods

· And more!

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​Featured Products

WatchHound fixed cell phone monitor

Fixed Contraband Monitor

WallHound fixed contraband monitor scans and logs unauthorized cell phone use all day long.

Wolfhound-Pro cell phone detector

True Direction Finding

WolfHound-Pro detects and locates contrabands cell phones in standby or active transmission.

SentryHound-Pro Ferromagnetic Contraband Portal

Portal Cell Phone Detection Security

SentryHound-Pro portal detects unauthorized phones, wearables and even weapons

WallHound cell phone detector and deterrent

Cell Phone Detector & Deterrent

WatchHound scanning monitor identifies cellular, bluetooth and Wi-Fi activity in unauthorized area.