Berkeley Varitronics Systems has been supplying government, educational, corporate, law enforcement & correctional customers with the most advanced cell phone detecting and TSCM technology since 2010. Since then we've sold thousands of cell phone detectors to every state in the union and to dozens of countries. Since 1973, BVS has been engineering wireless soutions and our expertise in RF design and devleopment has carried over into our line of professional cell phone detection devices.

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Catch cheating students, contraband phones & more...


Detect cell phones ON or OFF behind concrete and metal...


Stop unauthorized cell phones from entering your area...


Locates cell phones 150 feet away with direction finding...

PocketHound Cell Phone Detector Manta Ray Cell Phone Detector SentryHound Walk-Through Cell Phone Detector

SentryHound Walk-Through Cell Phone Detector

SentryHound Cell Phone Detection Security Portal is more powerful & effective than a standard metal detector for securing your perimeter in your government SCIF, (DoD, NSA, FBI, etc.) corrections, military or corporate building. SentryHoundâ„¢ is perfect for body and bag inspections anywhere a no cell phone policy is enforced.

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Manta Ray Cell Phone Detector

Manta Ray is a close range cell phone security scanner for concealed mobile phones (ON or OFF and even with battery removed). Manta Ray™ differs from traditional metal detectors in that it scans for specific components common to all cell phones and not just metals. This reduces false triggers such as jewelry, keys, coins, belt buckles and other common metal items.

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PocketHound Cell Phone Detection

PocketHound is smaller and lighter than a pack of playing cards allowing users to covertly monitor nearby cell phone use from their pocket. Vibration and user-adjustable LED alerts make this unit perfect for universities, corporate boardrooms & federal / state facilities.

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Wolfhound-PRO Cell Phone Detector

Wolfhound-PRO detects all common cell phones with a range of approximately 150 feet indoors and up to 1 mile outdoors (line-of-sight). This TSCM product includes a Direction Finding Antenna for pinpointing all cellular activity.

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Watchhound cell phone detector

WatchHound mounts near any doorway to instantly alert security personnel should someone enter with an active cell phone and time stamps all detected activity. Watchhound is networkable between multiple units providing the perfect defense for your wireless free zone's perimeter.

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TransitHound Cell Phone Detector

TransitHound Cell Phone Monitor mounts discreetly inside or outside of any vehicle, train car, bus or boat to detect any cell phone use by the driver. This detection can then be followed up by alerts to the driver, fleet manager or any security personnel trying to stop distracted drivers and operators.

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EtherHound cell phone detector

EtherHound Cell Phone Detector is a covert receiver mounting anywhere and connecting to a network of EtherHounds to form a perimeter of wireless security around any facility. EtherHound is (PoE) powered over the network and connects to a PC for realtime monitoring as well as time stamped data logging for future analysis.

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EtherHound PC software

  Wolfhound-PRO Cell Phone Detector Watchhound TransitHound Cell Phone Detector
Cell Detector Cell Detector PocketHound Wolfhound-PRO WatchHound TransitHound EtherHound
Compact Size (fits in your pocket)     N/A N/A
Battery Operated   optional backup    
Runtime 18-20 hours 18-20 hours 2 hours 4+ hours N/A N/A N/A
Audible Alerts          
Vibrating Alerts      
Direction Finding            
Range from Antenna (indoors) ~10 feet ~10 feet 75 feet 150 feet 100+ feet 100+ feet 100+ feet
External Antenna  
USB Data Port        
Ethernet Port (PoE)          
PC Software Support      
Display & Menu Navigation          
Threshold Settings  
Detects Phones in Standby Mode    
U.S, Euro & Australia Cell Bands    
Sensitive Receiver (> -60 dBm)    
2G / 3G / 4G LTE Phone Detection no 4G support  
Networkable Receivers          
Dry Contact Triggers        
DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone Detection      

BVS is a proud member of many law enforcement agencies including American Jail Association, American Corrections Association, Alliance of Counter Surveillance Specialists, North American Association of Wardens & Superintendants, California State Sheriff's Association and Kentucky Jailers Association.

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