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Hive Wi-Fi Mapping Coverage Software




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Hive Wi-Fi Mapping Coverage Software

Hive™ is powerful mapping software that works with Berkeley’s Yellowjacket 802.11 (B, A or B/G) Wi-Fi receiver system. Hive™ runs on an iPAQ® Pocket PC® allowing site surveys to be handheld and performed completely INDOORS or outdoors using real-time mapping coverage technology. No GPS reception needed. First, import AutoCAD files into Hive™ Site Initiator and scale your rooms and walls for measurement overlays. Walk through an office space, warehouse or multi-floor building - any interior space that needs to be surveyed - and take Access Point measurements with Site Supervisor. Then place those measurements on top of any structural floorplan to get a comprehensive, bird’s eye view of any WLAN based upon MAC addresses, RSSI, SSID and more. Finally, view your Wi-Fi coverage results in table and graphical views using Site Investigator running under Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP OS.

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Hive Features

Site Initiator

  • Create floorplan layouts from scratch or from any bitmaps
  • Add rooms, floors, walls, doors, windows and more
  • Import existing floorplans for modification and surveys

Site Supervisor

  • Touch-screen measurement points using PocketPC®
  • Customizable surveys based on MAC, RSSI, SSID
  • Export floorplans from AutoCAD® or any bitmap
  • Take floorplan survey snapshots anytime
  • Visible survey path throughout floorplan

Site Investigator

  • Plot and view surveys in multiple data table or graphical windows
  • Plot coverage by AP or AP groups
  • Print and export plots or table data into ASCII format for spreadsheets
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Hive Specifications
  • Windows 95®, Windows 98®, Windows ME®, Windows 2000®, Windows CE®
  • iPAQ 3700, 3800 or 3900, 5000 and 2200 series Pocket PC PDA with Pocket PC 2002 OS (for Site Supervisor)
  • Pentium II with Windows® 95, 98 or ME operating system (for Site Initiator & Site Investigator)
  • 500 MHz
  • 64MB RAM
  • 100MB free on Hard Drive
  • Serial connection to COM PORT
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Hive Screen Shots

Site Supervisor is an application in Hive that runs on the Pocket PC platform. When used in conjunction with Yellowjacket or Yellowjacket PLUS, Site Supervisor allows for precise surveys inside or around any structure without any use of GPS receivers. Once this data is captured onto the Yellowjacket's iPAQ, it is then exported to a PC for further analysis.

Hive Site Investigator

Site Investigator is an application in Hive that runs on the desktop or laptop PC platform. When used in conjunction with Yellowjacket or Yellowjacket PLUS and Site Survey, Site Investigator displays comprehensive user adjustable parameters about any W-LAN detected and maps the coverage through user defined filters.

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Hive FAQs
Does Hive work with all BVS products?
Hive is designed to work with Yellowjacket and Yellowjacket PLUS WLAN Analysis receivers.
Does Hive work with any 802.11 network?
Hive works with any 802.11b, 802.11a or 802.11b/g network.
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