How Safe is Your Train Ride???

Today is the four year anniversary of the deadly Metrolink commuter train crash that left 25 people dead.  The $200 Million settlement was awarded to the victims and their families and is actually capped as the maximum amount under United States law.  After a 16 month investigation, The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded the cause of the accident was caused by a Metrolink Engineer that was distracted while sending a TEXT MESSAGE with his mobile phone resulting in running a red light. There is no dollar figure that could ever bring back the lost loves ones to family and friends of the victims.  Almost as sad is the fact that there had been little done to prevent future mishaps.
Berkeley Varitronics Systems has developed a unique cell phone detection system called the TransitHound which scans for mobile phones.  Berkeley Varitronics Systems has developed a unique cell phone detection system called the TransitHound which scans for mobile phones.  The TransitHound provides a trigger to alert security personnel when a public transportation operator makes a phone call or text while the vehicle is in motion. There is a simple dry contact switch that installers can integrate with their existing DVR to capture the offender in the act. Public transportation operators must not have any distractions for even taking their eyes off the tracks for a moment may compromise the safety of their passengers.

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