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Verify Accurate 3G/4G

installations for M2M and IoT

Work faster,

Work smarter.

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Controlling Contraband Cell Phones

You'll learn:

· 5 most common ways cell phones enter facilities

· 4 “Believe it or Not” true stories of smuggling

· Comparison of 3 common detection methods

· And more!

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Introducing the Squid-Lite

IoT & M2M Maintenance Tool

· No SIMs or multiple phones needed

· All major wireless carriers supported

· Designed and manufactured in the U.S.

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Covert Cell Phone Detector

· Detect All Nearby Cell Phones

· Covert and Sensitive

· Only $499

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What We Do

· Wireless Security Solutions

· M2M/IoT Test Receivers

· Custom Engineering

· And More!

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Detection Products

Pocket Hound Covert Cell Phone Detector

Covert Detection in Your Pocket

PocketHound fits in your pocket and vibrates whenever a cell phone is used up to 75 feet away

Wolfhound-Pro cell phone detector

Long Range Scanning (150 ft)

WolfHound-Pro locates contrabands cell phones in standby or active transmission.

SentryHound cell phone detection portal

Portal Cell Phone Detection Security

SentryHound full body walk-thru detects unauthorized cell phones ON or OFF.

WallHound cell phone detector and deterrent

Cell Phone Detector & Deterrent

WatchHound scanning monitor identifies cellular, bluetooth and Wi-Fi activity in unauthorized area.

Featured Products

Squid Cell Tower Tester for M2M and IoT

Squid provides real time wireless carrier, RSSI / RSRP signal strength for M2M site analysis, and antenna alignment.

Gazelle Quad-Band Drivestudy Receiver

Quad-Band Drive Study 4G Receiver System

Gazelle provides fast and modular drive-studies for the best 4G network optimization.

Dual-Band Lizard Transmitter

Dual-Band Indoor DAS Transmitter

Lightweight, 1 Watt dual-band independently transmits on any 2 frequency bands for indoor coverage.

Tortoise Muti-Band Transmitter

Simultaneous Multi-Band Transmitter

Two dynamically Class AB amplifiers for clean signal output. Wide and narrow bands up to 45 watt output!