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M2M Installations

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Controlling Contraband Cell Phones

You'll learn:

· 5 most common ways cell phones enter facilities

· 4 “Believe it or Not” true stories of smuggling

· Comparison of 3 common detection methods

· And more!

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Introducing the Squid-Lite

M2M Maintenance Tool

· No SIM activation required

· All major wireless carriers supported

· Designed and manufactured in the U.S.

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Covert Cell Phone Detector

· Detect All Nearby Cell Phones

· Covert and Sensitive

· Only $499

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What We Do

· Wireless Security Solutions

· M2M/IoT Test Receivers

· Custom Engineering

· And More!

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Detection Products

Pocket Hound Covert Cell Phone Detector

Covert Detection in Your Pocket

The PocketHound fits in your shirt pocket. Detects cell phone use up to 75 feet.

Wolfhound-PRO cell phone detector

Long Range Scanning (150 ft)

The WolfHound Pro finds cell phone signals in standby or active transmission.

sentry hound two pole

Two Pole Point of Entry Detection

SentryHound full body walk-thru detects unauthorized cell phones ON or OFF.

Covert Continuous Scanning

WatchHound scanning monitor identifies any cellular activity in unauthorized area.

Featured Products

Pocket Hound Covert Cell Phone Detector

Real time wireless carrier, RSSI signal strength for site analysis, and antenna alignment.

Tommy Dual-Band Receiver

Dual-Band Receiver for indoor coverage

Portable dual-band simultaneous measurements for mapping coverage and indoor DAS analysis 

Dual-Band Lizard Transmitter

Simultaneous Dual-Band Transmitter

Lightweight, 1 Watt dual-band independently transmits on any 2 frequency bands.

YellowFrog 2 RMS & CW Power Meter

Simultaneous Multi-Band Transmitter

Two dynamically Class AB amplifiers for clean signal output and VSWR protection.

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